Blackjack Online Casinos for Ireland

Online BlackjackBlackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there today. It has been a favorite for many years. The rules are simple and straightforward, with hands not taking very long to play.

This guide walks you through everything you need to know when it comes to playing blackjack online at the best blackjack online casinos in Ireland.

Best Ireland Blackjack Casinos Online 11/2022
Casino TestRatingCasino BonusAdvantagesProvider
Karamba Casino4/5up to 200€* Quality mobile Blackjack games, Large welcome offer Visit
William Hill Casino4.5/5up to 1,000€* Best Blackjack Casino, No deposit offer, Great design Visit
Guts Casino4.5/5up to 100€* Black Jack variants, Fast withdrawals, Large slots library Visit
Rizk Casino4/5up to 100€* Large selection of games, 24/7 support, Live Blackjack Visit
LeoVegas Casino4.5/5up to 1,000€* BJ bonus package, 24/7 support, Good live casino Visit
Betway Casino4.5/5up to 250€* Strong mobile offering, Great game providers, BJ Casino Visit
Mr. Green Casino5/5up to 100€* Large welcome offer, Modern design, Huge game library Visit
BetVictor Casino4.5/5up to 300€* Live Blackjack Games, High withdrawal limits, mobile offering Visit
Royal Panda Casino3.5/5up to 1000€* Big game library, Strong live casino, Decent welcome offer Visit
Boom Casino4/5up to 500€* Well-respected, Blackjack Bonus, Fast withdrawals Visit
* All bonuses are subject to specific terms and conditions of the respective provider. Click on “visit” to learn more about the bonus terms. Last updated on 26.01.2021 by Kate O’Brien

Casinos with best Blackjack Bonus

Best Blackjack Casinos with BonusNearly every single real money online casino will have some form of welcome bonus on offer. This is a way to attract new players and it is an ideal way for new players to start their new accounts. These welcome offers come in different forms, such as deposit bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses.

It is always worth your while taking advantage of a blackjack welcome bonus when possible. We have conducted extensive research and picked out some of the best welcome offers out there today. As well as considering the bonus amount, we also look at the wagering requirements that need to be met. Here are five of the best blackjack bonus offers in the space today:

1. Mr. Green: Best Blackjack Bonus

Mr. Green Casino Screenshot
When you sign up for an account with Mr. Green, you will get a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €100. You will also get up to 250 free spins. The bonus funds need to be wagered 35 times before cashing out and blackjack contributes 10% to these targets.

good wagering
BJ contributes 10%
250 free spins

2. William Hill: 100% First Deposit Bonus for Blackjack

William Hill Casino Screenshot
If you are creating a new account with William Hill, you will get a first deposit bonus of 100%. There will also be 120 free spins credited to your account. The bonus wagering requirements are 40x, with real money blackjack games contributing 10% to this target.

Many free spins
BJ contributes 10%
Large bonus amount

3. Guts Casino: Up to 100€ Bonus money for Black Jack

Guts Casino Screenshot
For new account holders at Guts Casino, there is a 100% first deposit bonus up to €100 available. There are also 100 free spins up for grabs, making this an ideal multi-functional offer. The wagering requirements are 35x the bonus + deposit funds, with blackjack contributing an ideal 20% to these targets.

Large deposit bonus
100 free spins
BJ contributes 20%

4. Leo Vegas: Highest Blackjack Online Bonus offer

Leo Vegas Screenshot
With the Leo Vegas live casino welcome offer, you will get your first deposit matched 100% up to €500. The bonus funds will need to be wagered at least 40 times before they can be withdrawn as cash. Ideally, all live dealer blackjack games will contribute 100% to the turnover targets.

Large deposit bonus
BJ contributes 100%
Achievable targets

5. Rizk: BJ Bonus, Live Casino and free spins

XXXXX Casino Screenshot
The welcome offer at Rizk allows you to get a no deposit bonus of 100€ and 50 Free spins. All of the bonus funds need to be wagered 40 times and your blackjack play will contribute 10% towards the turnover targets.

Good wagering
BJ contributes 10%
100% Deposit offer

All of the offers have their own terms and conditions that need to be considered before availing of the offer. Some bonus offers may look great on the surface, but you realize once you have a look at the offer’s terms and conditions that this is not the case in reality. The wagering requirements may be large or complex, meaning that there is a slim chance of turning the bonus funds into real money.

With some operators, you will not even be able to use the bonus funds on the likes of real money blackjack games and other table games. Instead, you will have to try to meet the wagering requirements only by playing online slots. Even if an offer allows you to play blackjack online with the bonus funds, there may be a cap of 20% on the contribution towards the turnover targets.

Play Blackjack for free

Free BlackjackOne of the great aspects of online blackjack casinos in Ireland is that you have the chance to play free online blackjack, as well as play online blackjack in real money games. Most platforms will have some forms of free blackjack games on offer.

This allows you to learn the rules of the game if you are a beginner or to practice a new strategy without risking real money. To get started playing free online blackjack without having to sign up or download anything, click on the table below.

Blackjack Strategies: How to win at Blackjack

Best BJ StrategiesBlackjack is a card game that has been around for many years. There are countless stories of people beating the casinos and making huge sums of cash through counting cards and other types of blackjack systems and strategies.

These days, there are many different real money blackjack strategies you can check out. Some will be suited for beginners, while others will mainly be for more experienced players. With the right blackjack strategy, you can boost your chances of winning. This is because there is some skill involved with playing blackjack online, rather than the likes of online roulette, slots or video poker where there is a lot of luck involved.

Many professional blackjack players have worked hard to develop tried and tested strategies to boost their chances of being profitable. This includes counting cards in the deck to try to make the best decision based on what cards might be available still in the deck. Here are some of the most common blackjack strategies you will come across:

Basic BJ Strategy

Basic BJ StrategyThe idea of the basic type of blackjack strategy is not winning every single hand that you play. It is focused on boosting your chances of winnings, maximizing your wins, and minimizing your losses. An important part of being successful at real money blackjack is managing your funds.

Proper bankroll management can be the difference between a profitable player and someone who struggles to break even. It is important to know how to bet and how much with each hand. There are other considerations such as what type of online blackjack games you will focus on playing.

You have four options as soon as the dealer hands out the initial cards. The insurance option does not make sense for players, so this is ignored. You should hit if the croupier has a card value of 7, 8, 9, or 10 or an ace. You want to hit until you get to at least 17 points, as the dealer is in a strong starting position. You should also hit if you have an ace in your hand until you get to 17 points.

If the croupier has a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 then you should take your time once you get to between 12 and 16. Holding is often the best strategy in this case. You can double your bet when you have a 10 or an ace once the croupier has a card between 2 and 9. You should always split pairs of 8s and never split pairs of 10s, 5s or 4s. Finally, you should split pairs of 2s, 3s, 6s, 7s, and 9s if the croupier has a 4, 5, or 6.

Circumstances in which you should surrender include when you have 16 and the dealer has at least a 9. If you have 15 and the dealer has 19, you should also surrender.

Win little by little

Win little by littleIt is best to take a more conservative approach to playing blackjack. This will allow you to maximize your playing session and to get more enjoyment out of it along the way. Start initially with the minimum bet and then increase the bet by a single unit only after you win. If you lose, go back to the original stake. This is a good way to stay in control of your balance.

The best BJ Variations

The Best Blackjack VariationsThere are many different online blackjack games out there today. You will always find classic real money blackjack games where the rules are standard, but there are niche variants that put a spin on the standard rules. It can be a good idea to try out different variants to see which is best suited to your skillset. Here are some of the best blackjack variants in Ireland:

1. Speed Blackjack

Speed blackjack
Speed blackjack gives every player a chance to get the next card at the same time. Players decide what they want to do and whoever is the quickest to decide will get the next card.

2. Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender
With this type of blackjack, you have the option to not play your hand. If you surrender a hand, then half of your stake will be forfeited and the rest returned to you.

3. European BJ

European BlackJack
With European blackjack, the dealer will take his or her hole card after the player has gotten their cards. In other types of blackjack, the dealer can look at the hole card and end the round if they have a blackjack. With European blackjack, the dealer cannot look at this hole card.

4. Atlantic City

Blackjack Atlantic City
This type of blackjack has a lower house edge, boosting your chances of winning. There will be a fixed number of decks in play and the dealer stands on a soft 17, which lowers the house edge.

5. Pontoon

With the pontoon variant, the player will not see any of the dealer’s cards before the player finishes playing his or her hand.

6. Double Attack/Double Exposure

Double Exposure
This type of blackjack sees the dealer’s two cards being placed face-up straight away in the initial deal. This means that the player will have more information as part of his or her decision-making process.

7. Multi-Hand BJ

Multi Hand BlackJack
This variant allows you to play multiple hands of blackjack at the same time, increasing the number of hands that you can play during a single session.

Blackjack rules – Tips and best Practice

Blackjack rulesThe game of blackjack is pretty simple and it doesn’t have too many rules. The whole goal of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding a 21 card total. The other blackjack players who are using the same table as you will not directly impact what you do. The only way that they will impact you is by taking cards in the deck that otherwise would have gone to you if you were the only player.

All of the face cards are worth 10 in blackjack, with aces being worth 1 or 11, whichever will make a better hand. Both parties will begin with two cards right off the bat, with one of the cards for the dealer being hidden until the end. If you want to get another card, you ‘hit’, and if you want to keep your hand as it is, you ‘stand’. As soon as you have a hand total that is more than 21, you will bust and the dealer will win no matter what they have in their own hand.

If the dealer beats your hand or you bust, then you will lose your stake. If there is a draw, your stake will be returned to you and if you win, you will get a payout that is usually equal to your stake. If you manage to hit a ‘blackjack’ by getting a 10 value card and an ace, you will automatically get a payout at enhanced odds that are usually x1.5 your stake but this will vary depending on the casino.

Blackjack Hands

There are many different combinations of hands you can get when playing real money blackjack. The hands you are dealt with can normally be divided into two different categories. A soft hand is when your hand contains an ace. This means that you will not be able to bust by hitting and the value of the ace can be changed as you please.

Blackjack Odds

Blackjack OddsThe key to becoming a successful blackjack player is knowing your odds of winning with a certain hand. Here is a useful table that showcases the probability of winning when you hold certain hands:


If the player and the dealer both finish with the same total counts and are not busted, this means that there will be a push and the player will have their bet returned to them.

If the player wins, they will usually get paid out 1:1 for their total bet on that hand.

If the player gets a Blackjack, they will normally get paid out 3:2. This means that if your bet is €10, you will get your €10 stake back, as well as a profit of €15.

Hand valueProbability
11 or lower0%

If a player takes an insurance bet and the dealer gets a Blackjack, this means that the player’s hand will be a loser, but the insurance bet pays out at 2:1.

❓ FAQs: Frequently asked questions about online casinos Canada

There are many different leading online blackjack sites out there today. They will come in many different forms. Some will be part of massive online casinos, while others will have a specific focus on table games like blackjack. There will also be live dealer blackjack games to consider.Therefore, you need to take into account the variety of blackjack games and other features of the online casino, such as payment methods, ease of use, and mobile gameplay before you can figure out what is the best blackjack site for your specific situation. If you want to play with a welcome Bonus, consider our top list of best blackjack casinos with bonus offers.

Yes, you can play online blackjack for real money through online blackjack casinos. While these platforms often give you the chance to also play for free, most people will put real money on the line. The betting limits will range depending on the website and blackjack variants you are playing. Oftentimes, you can play for as little as €1 per hand and up to thousands of euro per hand.

Yes, a lot of online casinos provide you with options that allow you to play blackjack for free without having to put any real money on the line. Some even allow you to play free blackjack without having to sign up for an account. Free blackjack is an ideal way to learn the rules of a certain blackjack variant or try out a new starting without having to risk any cash on real money games.

The payout for hitting a blackjack will sometimes vary depending on the operator of the online casinos or the variant of blackjack you are playing. However, the standard payout for getting a blackjack will be 3:2 of your stake. This is an ideal way to boost your account balance.

Yes, it is completely legal to play online blackjack in Ireland. You can use online blackjack casinos that are licensed across the world if you are in Ireland, providing you with tons of great choices. You will be able to access all sorts of different blackjack variants, as well as the great welcome bonus offers as you try out many of the leading online blackjack sites in the world.

One of the most popular types of playing online blackjack these days is live dealer blackjack. A lot of platforms now offer live dealer blackjack games that you can join with your friends to play this great casino game. This experience makes it feel as if you are sitting in the casino in-person, creating a very immersive situation.

Counting cards was a way in which a lot of people managed to win large sums of money from casinos in the past. These days, card counting is extremely hard to pull off, as casinos are very careful about people using suspicious devices while playing blackjack, as well as adding many decks to the given game. While some people may try to use card counting strategies when playing online blackjack, most of the time there will not be much use. There may be options when there are a fixed number of decks in play.