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Hello! My name is Kate O’Brien and I’m one of the authors for this website. In this article, you can learn more about me and my mission in writing for www.bestonlinecasinoireland.com.

Kate o Brien

Name:Kate O’Brien
Occupation:Content Writer at bestonlinecasinoireland.com
Star sign:Leo
Hobbies:Blackjack, roulette, sports, music
Motto:Seize the day
Favorite casino:LeoVegas Casino
Favorite games:Roulette, blackjack, video slots
Writes about:Online casinos, slots, casino games

Ever since I first visited Las Vegas as a 21 year old, I have been enthralled with casino gaming. Seeing the bright lights and massive casinos in the flesh was inspiring, eliciting flashbacks of many movies that were set in the city. My initial visit was not a profitable one, but I quickly started to study each of these games in great detail upon my return home to Ireland.

This led to me opening up an online account with LeoVegas Casino, putting what I learned to the test. I started to be enthralled with online roulette, as well as the live casino online platform that allowed me to feel like I was sitting at a blackjack table thanks to the real-life dealer.

My skills rapidly improved and I started seeing results. This is when I started writing content about different forms of online gambling, as I felt that I had built up the necessary knowledge, both on and off the tables to write authoritatively about these topics.

My current work with www.bestirishonlinecasinos.com allows me to express my passion about online casinos, as well as providing useful advice for others. This work also means that I can stay on the cutting edge of the latest game releases, casino launches and overall industry news.
By writing informative and valuable content, my aim is to help both beginners and experienced casino players alike.

Unlike many other comparison sites out there, we test every single game and casino that we write about. The reviews are unbiased, providing a true insight into what you can expect when playing at a certain online casino or trying out a particular game.

The future is bright for www.bestonlinecasinoireland.com and I am excited to be a part of it!